Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheel for Carbide File Milling Cutter Grinder Disc



Customer questions & answers

1. Question: will this fit on the HF mini grinder?

    Answer: This wheel did customerized fit on the HF 3" mini bench grinder.

2. Question: Will this work on granite?

   Answer: It will sharpen carbide so granite should be no problem

3. Question: Would this work on a angle grinder to bevel glass edges?

   Answer: Yes, it can do it.The dimensions of this Diamond Grinding Wheel are: (Diameter x Bore Diameter x Thickness x Grit Width) . We can customerized grinding wheel size to fit your   Grinder.

4. Question: Why it is not good for Ferrite?

    Answer: This is for grinding, not polishing

5. Question: will this grinding HSS

    Hi,Dear, this grinding wheel can be made CBN grinding wheel for HSS.

6. Question: Will this work on ferite cores?

    Answer: This diamond wheel does not apply to ferite cores.

7. Question: Whats a good RPM for glass?

    Answer: The speed of diamond grinding wheel is 500-600RPM, which is most suitable for grinding glass. It is recommended to add water when grinding, otherwise the glass will break.

8. Question: Would you recommend this wheel for carbide tips?

    Answer: Yes. Most customers using it to sharpen tungsten for Tig welding

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