About JR

JR (Guangdong)New Material CO., LTD

was founded in 1992 and running as a professional manufacturer and trustworthy marketer, which has a long and proud heritage of innovation. We are located in the provincial capital of the most prosperous part of China, Guangzhou city, and send our products and solutions to our global clients in all kinds of industries such as stone, ceramic, glass, precious stone, diamond, hard metal, high-tech fields including automotive components, precision mechanical parts, electronic and optical glass.

1992 Year

Founded in 1992

30 Year

30 years experience in diamond /CBN tools


In 1992,Henan Runfa Superhard Abrasives Factory was founded in Shangqiu City of Henan Province, which is already a famous brand amid China's superhard materials industry.

In 2005, JR (Guangdong)New Material CO., LTD was established in Guangzhou City. We moved our factory to Guangdong province (The most prosperous area of China). Our brand “JR “ comes from Chinese ‘JinRui’. “Jin” refers to the diamond in Chinese and ‘Rui’ refers to something sharp, together ‘JR’ holds the connotation of not only our impregnable and precise products but also the consistent and professional service.

In 2014, our boss bought a building with four floors, we headquartered in this building located in an industrial park. This park is a national project; all the enterprises in this park must meet the environmental standards. Our products involves diamond powder, diamond paste/slurry, diamond &CBN grinding wheels, grinding disc, saw blade, microdermabrasion tips and so on.


In 2016, due to the market strategy, we adjusted our products. We started specializing in resin bond, vitrified bond and electroplated diamond&CBN grinding wheels, which widely used in metal manufacturing industry, such as precision grinding of tungsten carbide, HSS tools. Also our diamond microdermabrasion tips are kind of mature; we provide OEM/ODM service for many famous beauty companies.


In the end of 2019, due to the development of the company, the company name was changed from ". JR (Guangdong)New Material CO., LTD ". to "JR(Guangdong) New Material Incorporated Company.".