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Selection of particle size and hardness of resin grinding wheel in resin grinding wheel factory

The resin grinding wheel factory believes that the particle size selection of the resin grinding wheel mainly depends on the surface roughness and grinding efficiency of the workpiece to be ground:




Properties of China Resin Grinding Wheel Binder

The role and type of resin grinding wheel bond in China: resin bond mainly plays the role of bonding diamond abrasive in the bond. According to the different processing objects, different resin bonds are used in the resin bond, mainly including cobalt, copper, iron, nickel, silver, zinc, tin, tungsten, aluminum, lead, etc.




What are the advantages of customized resin grinding wheels

customizedized resin grinding wheel plays a very important role in the use of many abrasives. The reason why this kind of grinding wheel is popular is closely related to its own advantages. Today we will study the advantages of customizedized resin grinding wheel. What are the advantages?




Matters needing attention when using high-quality resin grinding wheels

High-quality resin grinding wheel has the characteristics of good elasticity, high strength, low heat resistance, strong self-sharpening, easy production, short process cycle, etc. It is widely used in rough grinding, rough grinding, cutting and free grinding, such as grinding steel ingots, casting glitches etc. High-quality resin grinding wheels are a tool that is in high demand and are commonly used in various grinding operations, such as: surface grinding, cylindrical centerless grinding, grooving, and internal grinding.




Factors and treatment methods of resin grinding wheel cracking

1. Cracks caused by resin grinding wheel cracks.When the resin grinding wheel has a small hole or a large shaft, it is hard to be loaded. Solution: The hole and shaft of the resin grinding wheel should be installed smoothly, but not rigidly.




The main reason for the rapid loss of resin grinding wheels

What are the main reasons for the loss of resin grinding wheel molds? Resin grinding wheels will definitely be lost in use. In fact, users all know that resin grinding wheels themselves are consumables. What we actually care about is the speed of resin grinding wheels and the degree of wear and tear.


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