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The importance of surface plating treatment

Various functional coatings are obtained on the surface of parts through electroplating technology, which achieves functions such as corrosion resistance and decoration without changing the properties of the material matrix.




Direct electroplating new technology replaces traditional electroless copper plating

The advantages of direct electroplating technology, this new technology will gradually replace traditional electroless copper plating.




Geometric factors in electroplating process management

The geometric factors mentioned here refer to various spatial factors related to the electroplating process, including the shape of the plating tank, the shape of the anode, the shape of the rack, the shape of the cathode, the distribution of the parts in the plating tank, the distance between the cathode and the anode, etc. All these factors have a certain impact on the electrode process. If not handled properly, some factors will also cause serious harm to the quality of electroplating.




The role of the main components of the electroplating solution

In the daily electroplating processing and production process of electroplating processing plants, we have to use electroplating solution, a necessary electroplating raw material product. The composition of the electroplating solution has a very important impact on the structure of the electroplated layer.




4 Tips affecting the sharpening quality of PCD tool diamond grinding wheels

4 Tips affecting the sharpening quality of PCD tool diamond grinding wheels




What reasons will affect the quality of electroplating during the electroplating process?

In electroplating production, 95% of abnormalities are caused by human factors. In summary, they are caused by poor management, incomplete systems, weak supervision, unreasonable processes, low employee quality, improper operations, and quality processes. Technical management is the core and guarantee of enterprise production. How to establish and improve the technical management system and strengthen process control to prevent problems before they occur.




7 treatment methods for degreasing metal surfaces before electroplating

7 treatment methods for degreasing metal surfaces before electroplating The main causes of defects in electroplated products are: Surface oil stains are not cleaned thoroughly




Why the coating falling off from electroplated diamond tools

During the operation of electroplated diamond tools, due to the use conditions such as grinding force, temperature rise, workpiece crash, etc., the metal coating containing diamond will separate from the steel base, and that is the peeling of the coating. The peeling off of the plating layer is generally partial peeling, and it is rare that the whole plating layer is peeled off at one time. In actual use, there are three situations of coating falls off:




The application of Ceramic CBN diamond grinding wheel

Cubic boron nitride is not suitable for grinding hard alloys and non-metallic hard materials. At high grinding temperatures, CBN will undergo a chemical reaction when it encounters alkaline aqueous solutions. CBN diamond grinding wheels will decompose in alkaline solutions at 300°C and decompose slightly in boiling water. As a result, the crystal shape of the abrasive grains will be destroyed. When grinding, only oil-based coolant can be used instead of water-based coolant. The demand for ceramic (raw material: non-metallic mineral) bond grinding wheels in the world grinding industry is increasing. Providing high-quality and efficient ceramic bond grinding wheels has become the cause of Hengyuan Diamond. The hardness of ceramic bond is far greater than that of resin bond and metal sintering, and it combines the advantages of both.




Why use Electroplated diamond grinding head

Electroplated diamond grinding head is a kind of grinding head abrasive tool. It is bonded with a certain bonding agent. It is generally installed on grinders, grinders, polishers, or special installation tools, etc., and is widely used in optical lenses, Prism, watch glass, sapphire glass. Through the processing of various workpieces, in order to achieve the effect of grinding, grinding and polishing. According to the use, it is mainly divided into the following types of grinding heads:


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