The processing technology of grinding wheel



    • Introduces the processing technology of grinding wheel Ultra-thin grinding wheels are of great help to the large machinery industry, such as the cutting of steel pipes. If there is no cutting piece, there is no way to cut them. Therefore, its application is also very much. Ultra-thin grinding wheel belongs to the grinding wheel and is also a kind of grinding tool. Nowadays, there are three kinds of common processes for producing such resin grinding wheel cutting piece. 1. Cold pressing process: the bonding agent used is a wetting agent and a powdery resin. It is usually used as a wetting agent for liquid phenolic resin, furfural, decyl alcohol, cresol, etc. The most used is liquid phenolic resin. 2. Semi-hot pressing process: the pressing temperature is generally 50-65 ° C. At this pressing temperature, the viscosity of the liquid resin becomes small, and the powdery resin can be well integrated so that the fluidity of the entire resin system is improved. 3. Hot pressing process: The mixing requirement is different from the cold pressing process. Generally, dry mixing method is used, or 1% of furfural less than the weight of the abrasive is used as a wetting agent to wet the abrasive, and then mixed with the powdered resin evenly.

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